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Creating Safe Spaces

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Creating Safe Spaces

In her article, COVID’s impact on interiors, Ryane DeFalco from Floor Covering Weekly, explores how the flooring landscape has changed to accommodate the growing desire for a ‘safe space’ within the home during Covid-19.


Key Points:

As we continue to face the new realities of life during Covid-19, we are beginning to see how the effects of living in a socially distant way are impacting interior design. While the open floor plan was very popular in homes, people are now shifting their views and putting a new importance on having a separate spaces.  This is particularly important now because it allows people to have safe spaces in which they can decontaminate, quarantine, or keep peace of mind by separating work from home. These desires are coming in the shape of mud rooms, guest rooms, and home offices. Furthermore, there has been an additional importance put on durable flooring that is easy to clean and maintain.


How we’re doing it well:

The EarthWerks CORE collection is a beautiful, durable collection of Waterproof Core flooring and Solid Polymer Core Flooring. Both WPC and SPC planks are waterproof and easy to clean, so that you can create your own beautiful, safe spaces.

Check out the CORE Collection here!

See the article here.

Remodeling Made Easy

At A Glance | Industry News


EarthWerks® | Tavern Plus – Dubbel TVN 506CB


Remodeling Made Easy

With our new flooring visualizer, you can create the rooms of your dreams from the comfort of your own home! Below, we take you through the quick and easy process of using our visualizer to make your dream styles a reality!


We start by heading to


Step 1: To start, click on Select A Scene to proceed with one of our hand curated room scenes, or Upload A Photo to use one of your own. We’ve chosen Select A Scene. 



Step 2: Once you’d clicked on Select A Scene, you’ll be prompted with a variety of room options. We’re selecting one of the Kitchen options. 


Step 3: Now it’s time to choose your perfect floor! It’s important to consider what type of flooring will perform best in your desired space. Since the kitchen typically gets above-average foot traffic, and can see things such as spills and splashes, a durable vinyl flooring is a good choice for this kind of area. For this reason, we’ll be selecting one of our waterproof options from the EarthWerks CORE Collection.

[If you want to know more about the different types of vinyl flooring options, check out our Guide to Flooring Acronyms!]



To do this, we go to the Collection tab and scroll down to Core Collection. You’ll notice that all of our Waterproof options are denoted by a small water droplet! 


Step 4: You’ve made it to the last step! Now that we’ve use the filter to find the Waterproof options, you can browse the collections to find the perfect match for your space! 

Today we’re highlighting the Tavern Plus collection. Tavern Plus is a beautiful Solid Polymer Core plank that’s waterproof, durable, and low maintenance. This collection is a perfect match for the kitchen, because it provides additional comfort underfoot with its Cushion Backing. Tavern Plus also stuns with mixed plank tonality that gives rooms an elegant touch of sophistication. 

For the kitchen, we’ve selected a peaceful grey-toned neutral, to help pull together the space and enhance its inviting nature.

To further customize the room to your preference there are Paint, Cabinet, and Counters tabs that you can adjust colors in. 

You’re Finished! Once you’re satisfied with your image, you can hit Print to print the page, or Download PDF to save a version to your computer. 

You also have the option to Save your new room scene by clicking the Save tab, or to share it on social media or via email, by clicking on any of the social media icons (Left to Right: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email)

Have fun, and let us know what your favorite styles are!















Live LOUDER with EarthWerks Plus!

Live LOUDER with EarthWerks Plus!

We’re excited to introduce our Live LOUDER collections!

Bringing you beautiful floors that will keep up with your busy schedule by providing enhanced sound reduction!

Live LOUDER features nine different collections:

  • Tavern Plus
  • Sherbrooke Plus
  • Parkhill Plus
  • Parkhill Plus EIR
  • Noble Classic Plus
  • Noble Classic Plus XL
  • Stadium Plus
  • Stadium Plus XL
  • Chassis Pro SPC Plus

All of these collections are durable, waterproof, and come with a Cushion Backing for enhanced sound reduction! To help you find your perfect match, we’ve created an interactive experience to match you with your dream floor!

Find Your Flooring Match, and Live LOUDER at

Try it out today, and tell us what your match is!




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