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Style Shown: Sherbrooke Plus | Esperanza SHB2174


Waterproof – It’s in our CORE!

When looking for the perfect floors for a worry-free space, “Waterproof” has become a major keyword, and a prominent player in the Resilient flooring game. EarthWerks makes it easy to find the perfect waterproof flooring, with our durable, beautiful, and waterproof floors all in the EarthWerks® Core Collection!

Key Points:

The EarthWerks® Core collection has got you covered, with a wide array of beautiful styles, in  both Solid Polymer Core flooring and Waterproof Core flooring. This means that you’ll be able to quickly clean up any splashes or spills with no fear!  All of these planks come with cushion backing for enhanced sound reduction, so you can Live LOUDER on these beautiful floors!  Check out this wonderful, worry-free collection!

The Core Collection:

Like what you see? You can try out all of these products, and more in your own spaces, using our Flooring Visualizer, here!

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