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Waterproof & Wonderful

In her article Waterproof & Wonderful, Kacey Perinelli from Floor Covering Weekly reviews how rigid core stands up to moisture. Our own Lindsey Nisbet, Marketing Director at Swiff-Train, was interviewed.

Key Points:

Consumers continue to ask for waterproof flooring because of its durability and waterproof qualities; and this increased interest continues to push the technology and innovations within this flooring category. Waterproof Core Flooring (WPC) and Solid Polymer Core  Flooring (SPC) are both excellent choices for the consumer who is looking for planks that can withstand life’s splashes and spills! 

Lindsey Nisbet was quoted to say, “When it comes to everyday active lifestyles, these products are going to stand up bar none … You don’t have to worry about spills and pets — this is the product you want. It’s a worry less floor.”

To ensure the satisfaction of the customer, it is important to explain that waterproof is intended to protect against the rigor of life, not against a house flood or other major accidents. Transparent is necessary while also explaining the many benefits that waterproof can bring into their home.

How we’re doing it well:

EarthWerks® Footprints Plus XL:

The Footprints Plus XL collection is elegant, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to install. The color variations in this collection creates tranquil feelings that will bring your home the sense of peace and comfort. This collection can also withstand the rigor of life’s everyday wear and tear, leaving you worry-free!

Product Information:

  • 9” x 60” Planks
  • 4 Plank Colorations 
  • Waterproof!
  • Tuff Shield Finish
  • Cushion Backing
  • EIR

Check out Footprints Plus XL in all colors here.

See the article here.

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