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EarthWerks® | Escalera – Belgian ESC 753


The Power of Color

The Color Marketing Group has named their 2021 Key Colors, and we have their perfect match! They have named four key colors – each of which is tailored to a specific industry pairing. We look at their North America Key color for interiors, Mist.  

Key Points:

The North American Key color, Mist, is a pale blue with a touch of grey. They have picked this color to promote contemplation, renewal, movement and progress. When paired with a deep wood tone, this elegant neutral color helps to open up and enhance its surroundings.  

How we’re doing it well:

EarthWerks® Escalera

To bring out the openness and beauty of this color, we’ve paired it with a natural, deep-neutral toned hardwood. This European White Oak creates a relaxing, and renewed atmosphere, and brings out the cleansing properties of this color. This pairing promotes a space where you can concentrate and free up your mind, perfect for the home office. Enjoy Escalera and The Color Marketing Group’s Mist today!

Product Information:


  • 3/8” x 7.5” x RL up to 74”
  • European White Oak
  • 6 Plank Colorations
  • Micro-Bevel Edge
  • Tuff Shield Finish

See Escalera in all colors here.

See the article here.

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