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Parkhill EIR Plus | Otter – PKH 382

The bright future of Rigid Flooring

In her article Rigid core’s latest and greatest, Morgan Bulman from Floor Covering Weekly looks back at the innovation that grew this flooring category in 2019, and at the proposed impact that it will have on the market looking into 2020.  

Key Points:

With the technological advancements of the rigid core flooring category, SPC (Solid Polymer Core) and WPC (Waterproof Core) flooring have both seen major growth. These flooring categories have advanced to create a custom experience for the customer’s lifestyle – with easy installations and waterproof durability. As visuals continue to look more and more like hardwood, the catergory is forcasted to continue it’s growth into 2020.  

How we’re doing it well:  

EarthWerks® Parkhill EIR Plus

We’ve combined beauty, durability, and sound reduction into our new EarthWerks® Plus collections! The Parkhill® EIR Plus collection pushes this innovation with it’s waterproof core, as well as it’s Embossed in Register texture, to give it the look and feel of real hardwood. It also has a 1mm IXPE cushion backing for enhanced sound reduction, so you can Live LOUD with floors that will keep it quiet!  

Product Information:

  • 7” x 48”
  • 4 Plank Colorations
  • Beveled Edge
  • Tuff Shield Finish

See the article here.

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