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The Value of Hardwood 

In her article Hardwood sets sights on reclaiming lost share, Morgan Bulman from Floor Covering Weekly reviews how the hardwood category is evolving in order to reclaim its place in the market with the other fast growing flooring categories.

Key Points:

Hardwood finds itself directly competing with the rigid flooring category, whose resiliency has made it a fast growing favorite. However, despite sharing the market with rigid core flooring, consumers have shifted to mid to upper end hardwood products, viewing it as a high value item for their homes. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) also seeks to educate those about the benefits of hardwood, stating the below:

– It is environmentally-friendly (it is made from a renewable and sustainable raw material.)

– It is healthy (it improves indoor air quality.)

–It is durable (it can be refinished).

– It is a good investment (it increases home values.)  


How we’re doing it well:  

EarthWerks® Prairie View

Prairie View from EarthWerks® is a stunning multi-width collection with 4,” 5,” and 6″ widths. This collection of American Hickory hosts an array of deep and bright wood tones. It’s random widths micmic those seen in historical floors, while it’s soft, hand-crafted surfaces lend itself to subtle textures, giving all of your spaces an authentic, natural touch.

Product Information:

  • 3/8″ x 4,” 5,” 6″ x RL up to 72″
  • 7 Plank Colorations
  • American Hickory
  • Pillowed Edge
  • Tuff Shield Finish

See the article here.

See Prairie View in all colors here.

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