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The New Face of Luxury

In her article, Becoming Upscale, Kacey Perinelli from Floor Covering Weekly, looks into what high-end consumers want when it comes to high-end flooring, and how vinyl products are taking center stage.  


Key Points:

One of the key items that consumers have shown that they will pay for in high-end flooring is easy-maintenance. This has opened up a market space for a product that both looks beautiful and performs on a high level. Newly demanded features, such as waterproof qualities, have made vinyl flooring options a front runner in the luxury flooring market. As technology is pushed forward for resilient flooring options, their stunning visiuals combined with their durable benefits have created a product that fits what the high-end consumer is looking for.  


How we’re doing it well:

EarthWerks® Tavern™ Plus:

Tavern™ Plus is a beautiful Solid Polymer Core plank that hosts a beautiful collection of mixed tonality planks. Tavern™ Plus is waterproof, durable, easy-maintenance, and comes with a cushion backing for enhanced sound reduction. A beautiful high-end addition to any space!  

.   Product Information:

  • 7” x 48”
  • 6 Plank Colorations
  • Micro-Beveled
  • Tuff Shield Finish
  • Cushion Backing

 See Tavern™ Plus  in all colors here.

See the article here.


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