STronger Than Ever

In this unprecedented time, as we continue to maintain social distancing and safe practices within the workplace, it has become increasingly important that we remain connected, even when we are apart, to keep business moving. One of the critical pieces of maintaining operations during the pandemic is the ability to work from home. Swiff-Train Company has an all-star team that has made working from home something that is not only a possibility, but a reality. We interviewed Greg Altman, IT Infrastructure Manager at Swiff-Train, about how he has enabled Swiff-Train to navigate the ‘New Normal.’

Key Points:

Currently, many of our employees are working from their homes instead of in the office. We spoke with Greg about the movement toward the remote workspace, and he said,

“Thanks to the conversations we started last fall with Inflow Communications and Dell EMC, we were several steps toward a mobile workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic just accelerated our plans. From a personal view – Swiff-Train Company is a tough bunch. Our teams have pivoted and adapted where needed to keep things rolling. I’m proud of them all!”


How we’re doing it well:

Greg and his team have mobilized the workforce by moving the phone system to a cloud service through RingCentral. They have mobilized Call Center agents by equipping them with laptops and Bluetooth headsets which allows them to work from anywhere, which is a capability that has also extended to our customer facing office workers.

This ensures that no matter where we are working, whether it is in the office or from our home offices, we are successfully able to maintain the level of consistency and service that our customers have come to expect.

Greg finishes by saying “Improving Organizational Agility through Technical Innovation  is our teams’ motto for 2020,” and we are excited to grow moving forward.



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