Introducing the EarthWerks® 2020 Brochure!

EarthWerks® is excited to show you our 2020 Brochure! Full of all of our new and exciting products and styles that are sure to be the perfect fit for all of your spaces!

Over 4 decades of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

At EarthWerks®, we have been sourcing Luxury Vinyl Flooring for over 40 years. Primarily sourced in China, Taiwan and Korea, we use our generations of relationships and sourcing experience to bring you the best in manufacturing excellence for our flooring.

In 1978, we began sourcing self-stick tiles, which have evolved to numerous sizes and constructions of vinyl products. EarthWerks® has a proven track record that truly stands the test of time – offering excellent flooring style, service and availability you can trust. We are a pioneer and reliable source of Luxury Vinyl Flooring sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Our attention to detail, diverse styling and broad range of patterns make us a preferred source in this growing category.


We are excited to bring you our EarthWerks® 2020 brochure, and share with you all of our beautiful products and stylings!


Check out the EarthWerks® 2020 Brochure here!

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